We verify all your Certificates of Insurance
So you don't have to!
Does Managing and Verifying your Certificates of Insurance cause you to...
  • Feel overwhelmed because it’s a never ending task?
  • Feel like it’s a waste of time?
  • Wonder if you are gathering the right information?
  • Feel worried that your company might still be exposed from other parties work?
At COI-Verify we can...
Virtual Risk Manager
  • All FREE certificate manager functionality
  • Ability to set policy limit requirements
  • Verify additional insured status & wavier of subrogation requirements by policy
  • Verify certificate holder name & address is correct
  • Identifies GAPS in your coverage
  • Verifies the party meets your minimum contract requirements
  • Confirms your RISK has been transferred to the party creating your risk
Want to know how to avoid subcontractor insurance pitfalls?
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