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What We Offer

COI-Verify offers solutions to fit any business need accross any industry. Our products can be as simple as collecting proof of Insurance for GL and Workers Compensation or can cover any policy you need with customized risk trasnfer questionaires. Contact us to learn more today.




Do you have Proof of Insurance from all of your Subcontractors, Vendors and Service Providers?  Sign up for Certified™ service today and get the visibility and “peace of mind” that comes with knowing you are covered.

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Do you need to know if your Subcontractors, Venders and Service Providers meet your minimum policy limit requirements?

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Pro-Certified Enterprise

Piece of Mind

The PRO-Certified Enterprise™ RI$K Transfer Platform can be customized to support any business that needs to collect Certificates of Insurance and More. If you are a General Contractor, Home Builder, Franchise Company, Property Manager, Leasing Company or Lender, we’ve got you covered.

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Custom Solutions


COI-Verify has a proven process to deliver custom software solutions that fit your business needs. COI-Verify an customize our platform and integrate it with your ERP or other management platform to save you time and money while reducing your risk with our proven tools. Talk to us today about your custom programming needs!

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“Using this incredibly powerful platform I have been able to land and retain clients by delivering results and eliminating their risk!”

Scott K., Broker – IOA USA

Why You’ll Love Us

Our Industry Leading Solutions are simple to use, easy to implement, and require no time consuming conversions or setup!

Getting started requires nothing more than a list of your subcontractors, vendors, and service providers names and email addresses. Quickly log into your account, setup your new project and start adding your vendors. You can be done in a matter of minutes and start letting COI-Verify’s automated process start saving you time and money while it gets you protected. You worked hard to get your business where it is, don’t let other peoples mistakes cost you everything you have worked for.

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When you log into COI-Verify you will immediatly see what any expired policies you have, as well as any that are about to expire as our patented 1573 process works its magic to keep you protected. Easily manage as many projects as you need to keep your business protected. COI-Verify will give you regular email updates and notify you if any time critical issues arise. With COI-Verify’s apps you’ll know where you are covered and where you aren’t allowing you to take immediate acction.

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Real time verifications make Insureds a better risk and protect carrier profits.
Can be versioned to support any line of business.
Can be branded as the carrier’s own program.
Underwriting tools provide sponsoring carriers a competitive advantage.
Makes it possible to require insureds to implement carrier approved or recommended Best Practice documents without assuming any liability.
Makes it possible to require insureds to implement as a condition of coverage.
Makes it easy to require Project Specific COI’s as a condition of coverage.
Basic coverage or enhanced coverage can be contingent upon implementation.
Assures maximum risk transfer protection for Carrier and Insured.
Certificate tracking data improves back office and claims processing.
Links all notifications to Carrier’s and /or Carrier’s Premier Agent’s website.
COI-Prospect™ is only available to Sponsoring Carriers.
Real Time Audit functionality reduces audit expense and improves results.
Latest web technologies improve the visibility of critical information.
Provides carrier the unique opportunity to mine the COI-Verify feedback loop.
Carrier specific Insurance Requirements can be pre-populated in Carrier approved Agent Questionnaire by line of business.

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Everything that happens in COI-Verify’s apps is tracked and recorded to keep you protected long after your projects are complete. Get real time updates and instantly know the latest status for any of your projects. Your subcontractors, vendors, and service providers as well as their agents all receive clear, simple updates letting them know any action they need to take to help keep you covered as well as provide copies of any information they have provided for their records. With COI-Verify’s streamlined process everyone knows where they stand in real time quickly and easily.

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COI’s team will work with you and your Insurance Agent to help you get the policy templates you need to start transfering your risk today. We will have your portal customized to your needs in a matter of days and have you making a difference for your business in no time!

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“Our partnership with COI-Verify has allowed us to get our clients access to Industry Leading tools to save them time and money while reducing our risk as their carrier!”

Don E., Builders Mutual Insurance Company

What our clients say

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Using COI-Verify has allowed us to easily and clearly communicate our complex insurance requirements to get verifications right the first time.

Matt JonesCEO Sabal Homes LLC

The COI-Verify Team worked with my agent and I to get us the policy questionaires we needed to get our risk transfer process kick started.

Alicia RobertCEO Praetorian, LLC

COI-Verify customized our portal to meet our needs quickly and easily. We were up and running in no time. Its a great tool for property managers.

Travis HarperKayne Capital

COI’s risk trasnfer process is the perfect tool to handle the complex needs of the New York City requirements.

Rich MartinBroker IOA USA