The PRO-Certified Enterprise™ RI$K Transfer Platform can be customized to support any business that needs to collect Certificates of Insurance and More.

If you are a General Contractor, Home Builder, Franchise Company, Property Manager, Leasing Company or Lender, we’ve got you covered.

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PRO-Certified Enterprise™ RI$K Transfer Platform

Want to know that you have actually transferred your RI$K?

Upgrade to Pro-Certified™ Enterprise and we will help you implement an automated risk transfer process with our customized policy questionnaires designed to transfer the risk and work to the parties that create the risk.

Customized to Support Your Unique Requirements

Ever wonder if the proof of insurance you have in your files is worth anything?  So did we, that’s why we developed

Pro-CertifiedEnterprise.  Choose from our industry standard risk transfer questionnaire or work with your Insurance Agent, Attorney and Risk Management team to develop the right questionnaire for you.  COI-Verify will build your questionnaire for you and have you transferring the risk in your business to the parties that create the risk.


Have you ever had a claim, had a Certificate of Insurance, and had the Carrier reject your claim because you weren’t named as an Additional Insured on the Policy?  It can happen to anyone but… it doesn’t happen to you.

COI-Verify can be programmed to automatically collect and track any Policy Endorsements… Additional Insured, Waiver of Subrogation, Primary and Non-Contributory, Notice Of Cancellation, etc.  Your customized application will collect and organize your documentation quickly and easily so that you don’t have to worry about being exposed to unwanted risk.


PRO-Certified™ Enterprise has the ability to track any type of Policy like Property, Cargo, Employment Practices Liability, Builders Risk, etc.  Do you have varying levels of insurance requirements from project to project?  That’s not a problem when you use Pro-Certified™ Enterprise.  You can have multiple verification requirements.

Policy Exclusions

PRO-Certified™ Enterprise can be programmed to identify the exclusions in a policy that transfer the risk from the Insured back to you.


Manage multiple projects, subcontractors, franchises, etc and need to have proof of insurance for each project?

COI-Verify will allow you to setup as many projects as you need using Pro-Certified and will allow you to track your proof of insurance and requirements on a project specific basis.  Its quick, easy, and way better than that spreadsheet you have been trying to keep up to date.


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