Frequently Asked Questions about COI-Verify

Insurance Agents, Producers & Customer Service Representatives

Do I have to register to complete a verification if I am an agent?

You are not required to register to complete the first verification, but once you do you will be asked to create an account. This is to ensure you can get to any information on any verification you have completed at anytime. You will always be able to return, login, and see any verifications you have completed in the system.

Will my insured be compliant if I email the certificate in?

No, you need to upload the certificate to the system and add the expiration date and any other required fields for the Certificate Holder to review.

Why did you send this request to me? I am the Producer and I do not issue Certificates of Insurance.

Your Insured has registered you as his Agent of Record in the Certificate Holder’s online insurance compliance system. If you are the producer and you do not issue Certificates of Insurance just forward the request to the Customer Service person in your office that issues Certificates for your Insureds.

Why do I have to verify each policy individually when I have included all policies on the same certificate?

COI-VERIFY™ is a patented, secure, online insurance compliance tool that tracks the status of your Insured's coverage by individual carrier policy number and policy expiration date. You will receive a separate verification REQUEST for each policy your INSURED is required to provide to the Certificate Holder under the terms of their Agreement. As his Agent of Record, your Insured depends on you to make sure each policy you sold him meets his minimum contractual requirements to the Certificate Holder that will assure your client is always eligible to be paid on time

Why do I have to upload a certificate for each policy verification when all policies are on the same certificate and I have already uploaded it once?

COI-VERIFY™ is a policy specific compliance and tracking tool. Over time, things can change. Agents can change, carriers can change, policy limits, required endorsements and coverage can change. COI-VERIFY saves every verification to create a version-controlled Policy History that can be accessed by the Certificate Holder at any time in the future in the event of a claim.

Why can’t I just email a certificate to COI-VERIFY and have you upload it into your system? Why do I have to do it?

As the Agent of Record, you are the expert. Your Insured relies on you to confirm his coverage meets his contractual requirements to the Certificate Holder to assure he is eligible to work for the Certificate Holder. If the coverage your Insured purchased from you is not sufficient, you will need to advise your Insured and determine if your Insured wants to increase his coverage to qualify to work for the Certificate Holder.

What happens if I ignore a request to verify coverage from a Certificate Holder through COI-VERIFY?

If you are unable or unwilling to verify coverage for your Insured through the COI-VERIFY online portal, please contact your Insured to advise them that you have not complied with the Certificate Holder’s request. Your Insured needs to know because your failure to comply with the Certificate Holder’s request may have caused your Insured to breach their contract with the Certificate Holder.

Subcontractors, Vendors & Service Providers

Do I have to register to verify my insurance?

No, you do not have to register, just follow the link in the email and add your agents contact information for each policy. You will receive a notification when your agent completes the verification for each policy. Please note that if they only complete some of the policies you will not be compliant.

What do I need to do if my insurance agent says they never received a request from COI-VERIFY to confirm my coverage?

Ask your agent to check his spam folder or junk email for an email from If the request is not in spam or junk, ask the Certificate Holder to double check the email address you entered into the system to make sure it is correct and re-send the request to your agent. If your agent does not get the second request, the agency firewall might be blocking the request. Get your agent to ask his IT department to allow him to receive all requests from as a trusted source.

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