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Do you have Proof of Insurance from all of your Subcontractors, Vendors and Service Providers?  Sign up for Certified™ service today and get the visibility and “peace of mind” that comes with knowing you are covered.



It only takes a few minutes to get started. Enter your Subcontractors, Vendors and Service Providers name and email address and COI-Verify will take over and start doing the work for you.  Its like a wizard, we work tirelessly to make a complex and tedious problem so simple you will ask yourself how you ever got by without it.


COI-Verify is straight forward – no training class or webinars needed to get yourself up and running in less than 10 minutes.

We have worked hard to take as many steps, clicks, and other roadblocks as possible out of the process so that you get what you need – proof of insurance – as quickly as you possibly can.

Verify insurance for as many projects, subcontractors, vendors, service providers, franchisees, etc. as you want.  There is no limit with COI-Verify, no PER CERTIFICATE CHARGE, just quick easy verification to keep you doing what you need to do…RUN YOUR BUSINESS.

Automatic Policy Reverification

COI-Verify™ will warn you 15 days before a policy is set to expire and automatically request a new Certificate of Insurance.




Chose your COI-Verify Product Subscription:

Insurance Carrier and Commercial Broker Sponsorship’s Available. Contact COI-Verify to Learn more or view our Sponsors Page to see if your Broker or Carrier makes you eligible for a Discount!

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